TrackFest TrackMeet 4.0

Welcome to Trackfest Track Meet!

Track Meet, is a regular track competition that aims to provide a fun, competitive, and accessible opportunity for runners of all abilities to test themselves in the track.

Your registration includes snacks, free-flow drinks (but please bring your own water bottle!), and good track vibes.

Tag your friend and family to cheer for you! The more the merrier.

Date & time: 
Saturday, 11 January 2020
06.00 > Re-registration
06.30 > 400m for age 10 and under
06.50 > 1 Mile open - Women's
07.20 > 1 Mile open - Men's

Stadion Benteng Taruna
Jalan Raya Legok, Karawaci, 
Bojong Nangka, Kec. Klp. Dua, 
Tangerang, Banten 15820
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Kategori jarak: 400m, 1 mile

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