Sumpah Pemuda 2020 Virtual Run



In today condition, our society does not tend to see from multiple perspectives. We consider difference as resistance, and so the values of diversity are sinking.

We all are born with various uniqueness, but are bound together by love of our nation. We forget that there is still one common value that we can share amidst our diversity, namely the love of this country, this nation, our homeland, Indonesia.

How are we going to react to this issue?

We tend to form communities with people that have something in common: concepts, political views, sport teams, idols or hobbies.

But, there is one thing that can celebrate diversity and unite ourselves: sport.

Hand in hand, we will create a safety net, that will keep our nation united.

Through similarity formed from the joy of sports, we will spread the spirit of diversity through running and riding on Youth Pledge Day as a momentum to spread the spirit of diversity.

Kategori jarak: 10KM & 28KM

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Kontak person registrasi lomba: 081217231264, 087853278043

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