Under Armour Charged Run Senayan City 2018

  • Continuing Under Armour Charged Run, we bring back our unique obstacle race challenge called Charged Run 2018 that will take place on the 25th August 2018 on Senayan City
  • Up to 300 competitors can sign up to take on the challenge for the chance to win Under Armour vouchers giveaway
  • The Charged Run Senayan City 2018 will push people to their limits through a mix of speed, strength, agility, mobility, muscular endurance and cardio based exercises
  • A male and a female winner will be chosen at the end of the challenge, so get ready folks, train your best, and do your best to be the winner of Under Armour’s Charged Run Senayan City 2018 event!

Informasi: http://www.chargedrun.com 

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