Toraja Marathon 2017

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In the early mist of a Saturday morning in Toraja, over 700 runners and 50,000 spectators gathered in the regencies of Tana Toraja and Toraja Utara - South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It was August 13th 2016 the first full marathon race has ever been held in Sulawesi island, east of Indonesia.

A history was well written. An initiative made by a few young Torajans were welcomed by the whole community along with he government and private sectors making it one of the biggest communal movements ever happened that brought a positive vibe to the region.

It certainly was more than just a race. The spectators brought home with them a feeling of motivation. Runners brought home with them a beautiful feeling of having found a second home, that is Toraja.

Now, Toraja Marathon 2017 is set on July 29th, 2017. Are you ready for this?

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