Rinjani 100 2018

Rinjani 100KM with 9166m elevation gain in 36hours, is it really that tough and scary ? that in the first year (2016) only one runner could finish it, and four in the second year (2017). Were they having trouble to reach Rinjani Peak 3726m, of which the top 2km is slippery pebbles and sand? or were there just too much of very technical tracks? or were they so mesmerized by the beauty of Rinjani and Sembalun hills, or in awe of the incredible millions of stars shining across the clear sky, forgetting to run? Are you curious to experience it all firsthand, and be the next finisher? Enjoy, and feel the sensation

Kategori jarak: 100km / 60km / 36km / 27km

Informasi lomba: https://rinjani100.com 

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