Bandung Ultra 100 2017

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Bandung Ultra 100k is a trail running race offering several categories along the mountain range in the north of Bandung that spans through the municipality and districts of Bandung, West Bandung and Subang. Runners are allowed to finish the course in their own pace within the cut-off time in each race category.



The 100k category is around 100 km in distance with about 6360 m elevation gain reaching four peaks (Palasari, Bukit Unggul, Tangkubanperahu, and Burangrang).


100K Relay

This category tracks the same course with the 100k – divided in four roughly equal parts. Four runners work together in a relay team to finish the course.



The 50k category is around 50 km in distance with about 2680m elevation gain reaching two peaks (Tangkubanperahu and Burangrang).

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